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By rusteberg
knurrebusk wrote:I´ll post old stuff rerendered in Mental.
no. you'll post new stuff rendered in Maxwell. end of discussion.
By knurrebusk
I´m only happy with the first 5 sl ver, then the magic faint away!

But ok!, i´ll do it after a lot of drinking, monday will be deadline he he.
I can even show the interior of the lab, nobody will see the details!

PS: 100+ ies should reach sl 3 in 10 min(800x600) i hope :)
Gonna get stoned and drunk, this is a path in life.
By rusteberg
knurrebusk wrote:Gonna get stoned and drunk, this is a path in life.
oh that's a path alright..... a very muddy one.
it all makes sense now......

p.s. have you noticed you can change font colors? you should play with that for your next epiphany.
By knurrebusk
Great!, did not notice that.

I´m not normal though, stuff that is easy for average persons is not for me.
Complex connections that do make me explain over/over again is easy, then after I finish explain these
interrelations I end up study simple stuff like you show me, thank´s :)

I´m still very commited to the HDRI/SUN mix, would love to dig hdri into a dark grave.
Not sure if I make any sense as usual, but love the path MR is on.

I did speak bad words conserning the pink sky, in retrospect I think it was all down to eye sight!
I´m blessed with both perfect sight, and useless sight, my best friend is an old boxing champ, and smart as a pain in the ass.
He has made me humble, and you should be too (forget all the shit about fighters).

Yes! I can follow up on this too :)
Anyone into the mix if IQ, and hard stamina should steal him from IBM, but they will keep him at any cost.

Would I go to far if I categorised him as a abused girlfriend syndrome!
A very nice person, but he can loose his temper with me, never a fist in the face, more like ignorence.

Trolling again, not very good either, all of it is real, perhaps that´s why I lost it?
Still remember this Japanese guy, floored me for ever.

He was superb for what he did, wonder what he does now?
By knurrebusk
last warning from him always :)

But he never followed up on the treath!
He love me and my old girlfriend too!, even if she is a bit weak.

Not kidding!, he is 10 times as tough as average joe, 50 cal inside 10, he can do, wrestle him to outdo him you will fail big time.
He is my best friend, and has made me humble, even my stone hard ex thai girlfriend love him.

Just to be curious?

What have you done lately?
Are you nonecreative like me!

A very good advise to understand the detail I love is Josephus work, I started in a small scale like him.
I push everyday my friends to build different, they are resilliant, but will follow me like Josephus.

Envy him the garden, must be a dream come trough.
He did the tiles on the roof ok, everything else is peanuts :)

Ok :)

Forgot to say Thank you!
By Renato Lemus
brffff....I thought my english wasn't so bad, but I can't understand anything in this post...what all this have to do with HDRI anyway
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By Richard
knurrebusk wrote:Gonna get stoned and drunk, this is a path in life.
Shit I thought you already were! So what it gets worse?

Seriously mate, post so of these Mental images so that we can see your talents rather than just bragging about it!

If you are having trouble hosting them try imageshack, it's free!
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