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Hey all, just received my license file, so the scene I've been setting up in v1.71 and was rendering with until it crashed several times for no apparent reason(blue screen of death), so now after a format and a clean install, the 1.71 scene was going to take 39 hours to reach SL 20, the maxwell v2 demo had it finishing in 11 hours, now with a fully licensed v2 its telling me 46 hours, I don't remember adding anything that strenuous, anything to watch out for from using 1.7 materials?

Pay attention to SSS materials from 1.7. You may want to recreate them. Also, instancing may be a factor. Are you using instances? Personally, in the transition period between 1.7 and 2.0, I have recreated most of my 1.7 materials from 1.7 scenes that were to be rendered with 2.0.
Mmm OK thank you guys, no SSS materials in my scene, and I have been rendering images 2000x1000 since installing the demo no probs...just that dirty big watermark, just cant workout why the render time has blown out so much, I was looking forward to things being finished overnight :mrgreen:
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