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Ok a fair question I think, I'm curious because I'm only a hobbyist and do the 3d stuff in my spare time, I have been quoting per job seems easier and the client knows what he's up for, but it usually takes longer to model than I calculate, how do you guys go about this? Does it get easier to quote? I don't want to over charge my clients as I only have one at the moment (I believe the term is "don't bite the hand that feeds you"), but we all have to make a living :D
Nope, be careful. Clients should not know the render is faster than before. :lol:
Maxwell Render 2 is not free for upgrade, you should paid for it. So you dont need to charge less. :o
If render is faster, you just can deliver faster and better image to clients. That's all benefits for them. :P
IMO you pass on the savings, providing you already have a solid costing structure in the first place.

I charge 'bum on seat time' and 'rendertime' if I was buying-in to v2, the faster rendertime would translate to lower cost.
Better value for your client, more return jobs.........better for you [you're onto the next job quicker].....everyone wins.
I'd also make sure you think about how much time faster renders will actually save you. This depends a lot on your workflow. For example, for me faster renders don't mean my work gets done quicker, instead it simply means better quality. That's because I do test renders throughout the day but I always do my final renders right before I leave at 5pm. Whatever they look like at 8am the next morning is the final. So I'd weigh out what your client will be getting. Will he be getting the renderings quicker? Will the renderings be better? Will you put in fewer hours? I don't think any of those answers solves the problem but they might help you make a decision. It might also be a good idea to leave the price alone for awhile and see how those things turn out. It's much easier to lower it later if you want but it's difficult to raise it if you only have one client atm.

I would charge the same ... the client is paying the pictures he get's irrelevant what rendetimes stands behind it...

he wants a good picture and I think he doesn't give a fuck if it rendered 2 days or 2hrs... if you use a render which needs that long it's not his problem - it's yours ;)

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