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nachob wrote:Could you give some more information? Is it happening in Maxwell 2, or Maxwell 1.x

Thanks a lot

it's the maxwell render v2 forum, isn't it?
By nachob
I can confirm there is a bug with all TGA textures in Studio and Mxed (not in Maxwell) when running in 64 bits on Leopard (10.5). No other format is affected, nor Snow Leopard(10.6) is affected.

The problem comes because Apple broke TGA support in their image libraries for 64 bits in 10.5, but they support it again in 10.6 (Snow Leopard). We are going through apple libraries for showing textures in Studio and Mxed, not in Maxwell so the engine does not have this problem. We plan to fix it in a future update, but while it happens there are two workarounds for it:

-Upgrade the machine to Snow Leopard.
-Make Studio and Mxed run in 32 bits (You can do it by getting info on them from Finder and selecting "Open in 32 bit mode"

Hope it helps

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