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By macray
GTJC460 wrote:I'm a pretty new user to MX. I'm impressed mostly by the speed increase.

My only regret is I bought my license of 1.7 about a month before the upgrade for free deal was announced.
maybe write them an email asking for a deal... some discount for upgrading and so on... maybe it helps.
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By marcotronic
I just wanted to say that I´m really impressed by V2, too. I´m on an 8 core Mac and the new 64 Bit version´s speed increase is crazy. I love the noise reduction/distribution and the new stacked layers. I have used 1.x now and then to experiment a bit but the slow speed has always been a "show stopper" for me - with V2 now I can start with some serious rendering stuff.

What I really appreciate: There were some bugs in the modo and Maya plugins and the people at Next Limit fixed them within a couple of days and came up with new versions of the plugin. That´s really cool. 8)

Texture/finish lost in render.


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