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By QuakeMarine1
more good news

our new basis price per ghz hour is 6.9cent only !
thats a price drop of 30%

beside that low price we still offer discounts up to 60%
feel free to register and get 10 credits free for sending a test render

By QuakeMarine1
we are running a super summer special and currently offer 75% discount to all jobs !
price per ghz hour is only 1,7cents

Do not wait and get advantage of this limited offer :)
We offer that special discount to get the 3D community familiar with our comfortable system. ... AXWELL.wmv

cut a 30 hour render(i7 4core) down to 10min for 9.5euro
btw each user get a 10 euro free trial ....

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By Asmithey
trying to load a rendering. says can not validate maxwell project. is the farm up dated to 2.6.1?


It validated finally.

Up-load error......
By QuakeMarine1
why not send mail ?
we not yet updated - NL modifiy the SDK each release and i not found time to investigate
somewhen soon ...
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By Asmithey
any time line as to when Rebus will be running 2.6.1?
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By bodebodebode

We here in Outra Vista would like to salute our friends of Rebus Farm for the outstanding service provided in the last years. We have got more than a dozen projects done in the Farm, always sucessful stills and animations at a really nice price/result satisfaction ratio.

So we never worry about how long can our scene take to render, or noise, we just slip a couple Euros in our retail price. We achived to a peak of 5 images delivered to aclient in 24hr last year.

Andre and the team quicky replies if you've got any problem, invoices are always promptly delivered and acurate, system is so easy even my Daschund wants to do a couple of renders.

Danke schonn Rebus !
By QuakeMarine1
thx for the kind words and no we didnt wished Outra to do that posting here since it sounds like a promo post ;)

who is Daschund ?
By Cadhorn
Greeting REBUS RenderFarm!
I've used your services several times this year and have been very happy with the results.
Quick question: are you supporting the latest Maxwell 2.7?

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