By JDHill
Maxwell for Cinema 4D V1.8.1.8 has been released to the public. Here are the details:

  • V1.8.1.8 (for Maxwell 1.x)
  • Release Notes

    Version of the Maxwell for Cinema 4D plugin is a minor bug-fix update which also introduces compatibility with Cinema 4D R11.5. Following are some of the particulars.

    • added support for Cinema 4D R11.5 (there are two downloads, one for R9.6-R11 and one for R11.5)
    • Cinema 4D R11.5’s new ‘Render Instance’ feature is supported automatically
    • added new real-time feedback for tile/offset/etc. in the plugin’s texture editor
    • texture tile/offset/etc. are now shown in the Cinema viewport
    • added CTRL/SHIFT key modifiers to texture editor to allow adjusting multiple textures at once
    • improved the appearance of Maxwell materials in the Cinema renderer
    • added new Object Properties: ‘Ignore Normal tag’ and ‘Ignore Phong tag’
    • an object’s material would be copied when the object was copied
    • Cinema material alpha was not translated properly in some scenarios
    • Cinema XRef materials were not read correctly when the XRef was under another object
    • crashes could occur when reading certain types of TIF files
    • lights could be exported even when their render dots (or layers in R11) were switched off
    • transparency and luminance are ignored in Cinema materials if they are pure black with no texture
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