JDHill wrote:Are both of these things true?

1. the plugin works fine on your other mac which is running snow leopard
2. on your new machine, both the v1 and v2 plugins show this problem

Was Snow Leopard installed clean on this machine, or was it done by upgrading a Leopard install?

Yes JDHill in my imac intel 2.16 Ghz 24'' at home works fine with both maxwell versions under c4d.

In my new 8-core mac pro mxcl works, studio works, C4D don´t run if i have the plug in installed V1 or V2.

Just an update - I have been working on this non-stop since my last post - so far I have things running smoothly for R11 on Snow Leopard, but there are still issues (same as what you report here) on my copy of R9.6. I'll post here again when I know more, but for the meantime, it looks like the only way for you to work is either going to be to use the plugin on your other machine, or to install Leopard on your new machine; I am still working on figuring out what the problem is on Snow Leopard.
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