By Lynchon
Hi there!

seems that everybody knows how to render a animation from c4d, they only have trouble with mxi files. But i cant find any option in the mw plugin where i can specify the number of frames i want to render. i tried to do it from c4d render settings but it just renders first frame of the animation.

I`m new in c4d and i still dont know where to find what im looking for. Those c4d have a batch render as in maya? it is so easy to render animations in maya...

any ideas?

By JDHill
Hi Lynchon,

Under Scene Object > Output > Options, there is a checkbox, Export Animation. If you enable this checkbox, it will open the Animation group, which allow you to control how the plugin exports frames. Details on how the (few) controls in the Animation group work may be found on page 15 of the plugin's manual.

I hope this answers your question.


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