I've just noticed that when a material is not applied to an object the plugin creates a default material - great. However, the default material is a slow rendering SSS one. Can I change what type of defaut material is created or can the SSS default material be changed in a future update please.
By JDHill
Sounds like something's amiss - in the default Maxwell install, there is a file, default.mxm in the Maxwell /mxm files directory; if found, this will be used as the default. Failing this, the plugin looks for a file named default.mxm in the plugin's /res directory and if found, the plugin uses that. If neither of these are found, then it will just create a simple single-bsdf grey lambertian material. So, check those files and let me know if things still aren't making any sense; I'm guessing that you've modified the mxm files/default.mxm file at some point in time.
By Becco_UK
JDHill: Thank you. I made a new deault material and saved it to the specified locations - works fine now.

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