By garbage75
Becco_UK wrote:garbage75: Oh ok. It needs JDHill to help you with this then (send him a PM?).

My first computer was an 8 bit Amstrad with hardly any memory so todays systems with endless bits and memory seems excessive :D
I only tried to understand why this not work with 64 bit cinema version... and cause italian forum don't help me in this, I have asked here.. not directly to JD.. so JD very kindly reply to me.

About machine with endless memory and bits... so... I only want to work with what I have payed for... OSX run on 64 bit mode.. now C4D run on 64 bit mode.. I've payed for this... and I only want to use it whole!!!
Can anyone tell me where I can download older plugins?

I need Sketchup Version 4.2.4 - 14 Jan 2020

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Thanks tim :D :D Leo