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By mashium123
Looks great!

Here's just a test:

Now, this doesn't look great, but these are about 500.000 cylinders, with 3.000.000 polygons each... You don't want to do the math? Ok, it's about 1.5 TRILLIAN Polygons... Man, that's ridiculous!

The setup is fairly simple.
1 clyinder with 3mio polies that is mr-instanced.
This instance is mographed as a grid (100x5x100).
This mopgraph-objekt is grouped as a null.
This null is instanced.
This istance is mographed again, this time linear (so that there are ten packs lined up).

The export of those half-a-million instances took my work-mac (see sig) about 6-7min.
Rendering in the background for one hour wile working (with illustrator, photoshop, after effects... lots of stuff)
Original is 4kx3k... here's a resized:
And this is a crop of the original size:

One has got to thank the man, that made this possible for us c4d-guys 8)
By JDHill
Hi JC, yes, I checked now and there's a pm from you, but I don't remember seeing the notification when it was sent. So I guess I'll respond now, anyway. :)
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Thanks tim :D :D Leo