hi @all,

might be a dumb question:

i have an older scene i needed to re-render yesterday. in this scene is an
object that has 2 selections and 3 materials.
2 for the selections and one for the rest.
those 3 materials are cubic mapped with various values in "tiling"
and (don't know the correct term right now) "x cm * x cm * x cm".

with the old plugin this rendered flawless, with the 1.8 the material most to the right determined the tiling for all 3 materials, so in the end i had to split up the object.

did i do something wrong?

I have had same experience...

Maybe (if I find it...) I can provide the scene to JDHill if necessary.
By JDHill
No example necessary, 1.8 only supports 1 set of UVs per object. This limitation will be removed in the next version.
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Thanks tim :D :D Leo