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By m-Que
It's been a while since i used motion blur, and now when I need it most, I just can't make it work again. :evil:
So, as far as I remember, I would set a 'motion blur' tag to an object, enable 'motion blur' in cinemaxwell plug-in...and what else??? Wasn't there some setting where I would set the frames I would like to set in motion??? I'm just lost... :cry:
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By m-Que
Thanks for help, jespi
Got it! It was the wrong version of Cinemaxwell i was using - not 1.6, something even earlier. There was no way I could do motion blur with it. Already upgraded to 1.8:oops:
Anyway, I don't get how I made images with motion blur a year ago. Cause I never updated Cinemaxwell ever since...Is it ghosts, who use my computer while I'm away? :shock:
Can anyone tell me where I can download older plugins?

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Thanks tim :D :D Leo