By owyns
Hi, all

Just to notice that the shift value of the C4D camera is not transmitted to maxwell render.
I think it's a bug cause that was working on previous versions.

On the other hand, It should be usefull to get a preview of the texture modification in the C4D maxwell material editor.

That being said, congratulations to the next limit team for this new plugin version.
By JDHill
Are you sure the camera with shift (Film Offset X, Film Offset Y) set is actually set for the viewport your'e rendering? It should be working - if you have any more info, I'll try to figure out what's wrong.
By owyns
I tried it with a simple scene. One shifted camera, one active viewport and it renders the non shifted camera view.
By JDHill
Here's a simple test sequence:

1. open Cinema
2. add a Scene
3. add a Cube
4. add a Camera
6. in the Attribute Manager, set the camera's Film Offset X/Y = 20%
5. in the view menu, select the camera in Cameras > Scene Cameras
7. render in Maxwell

This is working fine here, the render shows the film offset.
By JDHill
Thanks, I see where the problem is.
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By zoppo
Just asking - why do you still use / need the MW camera tag?
Are there some settings you can't control with the MW scene object?
zoppo wrote:why do you still use / need the MW camera tag?
E.g. I usually use more than one camera in scene. Each camera has different setting in Camera tag (f stop...)
By owyns
Thanks for support.

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