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By jc4d
I just found a little bug with the native C4D ligths, the plugin respect if you check not visible in render, but if you click in the check mark to deactivate the light the plugin still export the lights.
The infinite and parallel are not supported to the plugin.

And a little wish:
Would be nice if the plugin have a global check under lights tab in the plugin if you want to export or not the native C4D lights in order to not worried checking by yourself all native C4D lights lights in scene. If the Create physical lights is for prevent the plugin export the native C4D lights, would be nice if this can be rename and if you uncheck this the plugin export a "light" which have no power or intesity (maybe a bug)

By JDHill
Hi JC,

Sorry, but I'm not seeing this here, or maybe I'm misunderstanding what you meant by 'if you click in the check mark to deactivate the light the plugin still export the lights'. Which check mark do you mean? About the wish, you can already do this - just assign an emitter material with no power/intensity to the light.


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By jc4d
Sorry is my super bad english :oops: , here is a snapshot
No matter if it's green or red, the plugin export the light. I guess that the plugin should obey the red one to not export the light.
I don't know maybe i'm lazy :lol: :lol: but would be nice if the plugin ask if you want or not export the native C4D lights.

By JDHill
Thanks, I get it now. :) I can add that switch in addition to the Visible in Render switch. For normal objects the plugin does not check for that switch because the object is not generated when the switch is not enabled. For lights it will have to check, because the plugin generates the lights itself - for now, just use the Visible in Renderer dot.
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