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By PatSieb
I don't know if it was already in the wish list about the (Sun-Ball) as dynaraton mentioned above. Will cinemaxwell handle this in a near future? if yes, how will it work?

here is a topic about "Sync Cinema 4D Sky-Sun to Maxwell Render" ... hp?t=20348

This would be a great option!

By JDHill
In the next version, the Scene object will be able to draw a sun-indicator like this:


As you change the date/time/location/rotation, the indicator moves to show you what you're doing. I'm not sure about linking to c4d sky/sun because the plugin always does auto-gmt, but maybe it can be made to work.
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By PatSieb
thanks for your answer JDHill, it sounds good for me....maybe in the future you will find a better solution. :wink:
By dynaraton
Thats great with the Sun Ball JD......
It would be greater if we could move it around in C4D but at least I can see the sun ray while setting up my scene.
Thanks again! 8)
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By spekoun
JDHill wrote:As far as bump/etc., it is not really the intention that Maxwell Materials in the plugin would be used for setting up pretty Cinema scenes - the function of showing any given texture in the viewport is meant to be used as a utility, the main purpose of which is to provide you with an accurate idea of how textures will be placed in the Maxwell render.
OK I understand. I can live without bump and other, but transparency and clipping would be good. For example: windows with AGS are grey in viewport instead of trasparent. Will be possible atleast read transparency from Maxwell material for viewport?

And I have to say again, I am really happy with your plugin. You maka a really gud job. I am just making some suggestions.
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Thanks tim :D :D Leo