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By JorisMX
Hi Folks,

I'm heavily enjoying the new 1.8 Plugin since I've been exporting to Studio up untill now.
I love being able to leave everything inside one app.

However there are a few texturing - workflow issues I'm running over that I cant seem to get right.

I've setup a Multi-layer mxm from inside the Plugin and apply 2 different textures.
In Studio I would now apply channels 0 and 1 so I can map them idividually.
I can switch from one text to the other, but I'm having problems having simple assignments that lets me map them properly.

What is your workflow when working with multiple textures?
I set one up and then switch in the editor and set the next one up using uv edit but everytime I go back to texture 1 it will apply the mapping of texture 2 and I can start all over again.

I'm pretty sure I'm missing the point on this one. Must be something simple :oops:

By JDHill
Hi Joris,

There is currently no way in the plugin (there never has been) for you to define multiple sets of uvs (planar, cubic, etc.) for a given object; all projector numbers in the material will use the uv mapping on the material's texture tag. Each texture will use its own tile/offset values, as defined in the plugin's texture editor, though there is currently no way for the plugin to show the effects of this in the viewport, so you are better to leave those @ tile=1.0/offset=0.0, and use the tile/offset controls in the texture tag.

These are some of the things that will be addressed in the future, now that we have an actual material editor built inside the plugin.

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By JorisMX
Hm, sounds like I'll have to move back to Studio then : (
I love what you've done with 1.8 though JDHill!

Already hyped for 1.9 or 2.0 , whatever is next 8)
By stu.dio
Congratulations on the new plugin - it feels like the C4D platform has the right man on the job.
Regarding layered textures in a different light, please can you inform if Photoshop layered files will ever make it in the plugin - so you can use one file for both colour and for alpha - makes updating huge amounts of texture files a lot easier and less prone to errors.

By JDHill
....please can you inform if Photoshop layered files will ever make it in the plugin...
If/when they are supported by the render engine. I'm sure that's already on the Maxwell wish list, probably more than once.

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