By JDHill
In this topic, I will collect bugs found in the Maxwell for Cinema 4D plugin.
  • perspective wrong with portrait aspect-ratios [fixed in]
  • perspective wrong sometimes [fixed in]
  • shift lens not exported when a Maxwell camera tag is present [fixed in]
  • aperture and obstacle maps are swapped in the MXS [fixed in]
  • polygon objects may become triangulated during export [fixed in]
  • instance objects may draw bounding boxes for instanced geometry in the wrong location [fixed in]
  • emitters are shown as black in the Cinema viewport [fixed in]
  • object generator enable/disable (check-mark / 'X' in the OM) not read correctly in hierarchies [fixed in]
  • cubic/flat projectors on analytical objects mapping from 0,0,0 rather than based on object position [fixed in]
  • cinema lights translated by the plugin may have incorrect colors [fixed in]
  • viewport texture bitmaps not being invalidated due to changes in texture preview size [fixed in]
  • camera animation is broken [fixed in]
  • copying an object creates a copy of Maxwell materials which are attached to it (workaround: remove Maxwell materials before copying object)
  • xrefs put under another object will not have their materials assigned correctly (workaround: do not put xrefs under other objects)
  • objects on layers in Cinema R10.5 are not exported (workaround: none, besides not using layers)

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