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By Prowler
After my first tests I would like to say:

Thank you so much JDHill !!!!

The handling is verry easy and well thought-out.

I also have a first question: Is there somewhere the option to start the Maxwell renderer with a lower priority - instead of command line "-p:low"? Might be helpful...!?

And a suggestion: It would be nice to have a picture preview during the material preview rendering inside the material editor. If the preview renders longer it would be nice to see the progress - with the option to interrupt it every time. But the last SL should be saved!

Kind regards,

By rickyinmotion
Suggestion. Fixing a preview SL by defaut (4 is very poor quality)
On mac OS X, problem to see the texture in viewport
By JDHill

About priority, for now you're right and you should enter -p:low in the command line; I will see about adding it as a regular option. About a progressive update for the material preview, I am not sure if this is possible to do; I'll look into it.


On the preview SL, I will see about adding a way for you to set your own default value. About textures, can you give more description, i.e. C4D version, OSX version, etc. - textures are working okay in the viewport here on my Intel machine on R9.6, R10.5, R11.
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By Prowler

Thanks for taking the time considering my suggestions. Would be nice if the lower priority might also be the standard option.

There seems to be a bug in the rendering part given to MXCL (thanks to BudOrange for pointing this out in the German C4D forum). If the aspect ratio is for instance 3:4 (portrait format) the rendering output in Maxwell is different than the viewport view.

Can you reproduce this? If not I can send you a scene...

Kind regards,

By rickyinmotion
@JDHill. okay for the textures in the viewport it works.
Integration with HDR environment very very impressive and so easy
One suggestion, can you implement a sun objet that we can place in the viewport
I saw in the help document that we can change the default value of the SL preview :roll:
By JDHill
@Prowler: I can reproduce the portrait issue - I've added it to the bugs thread.

@rickyinmotion: Yes, I plan on doing something like that for the sun. About what it says in the help, that should have been removed from the final help version, but I missed it. If you wanted to completely override what is set for SL in the Material Editor UI, you could add -s:8 to the MX_PREVIEW_CL_ARGS string in res/strings_us/c4d_strings.str.
By rickyinmotion
A copy and paste function in material editor
By JDHill
There are alot of things in the material editor, could you be more specific about what you want to copy and paste?
By rickyinmotion
The possibility to copy/paste color value and texture (paths) :wink:
By JDHill
Thanks, I'll see what I can do.
By rickyinmotion
and now a small bug, in the texture editor when you click invert, that no show up in the window and it is also the same for all the settings (saturation, contrast,...)
By JDHill
It's not a bug - those things may or may not be implemented in the future.
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By spekoun
New plug-in looks very promissing! Thank you very much. I like every change and every dialog. Everything looks nice and user friendly. But there is a lot of work to do i think. I did not try some cube rendering. But opened my recent work (200MB scene). During some first clicks i got error message (no preview scene was found - why?) and several C4D crashes occured. First render was buggy too. Some leafs on bushes was gone and on the wall of building was shown triangles on flat surface. I do not have time to test now. Hope there will be updates soon, espacially i hope you will solve instance export problem. Thanks again.

Cheer Mirek Hons

- I would wish to see transparency and clipmapping in view. That iswhat i miss in previous version much.
- C4D material to MXM conversion

- 64 bit version on Vista still crashes with big scene. :( But working in 32 bit C4D is no problem.
- i switched texture in material editor to (none) and C4D 32 crashed.
Can anyone tell me where I can download older plugins?

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Thanks tim :D :D Leo