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By spekoun
I tried install R11 demo. Now it can save for 42 days. It is nice. I have some some success with several simple test scenes. But when I opened old complex scene, I was unable to render it with Maxwell plugin. Cinema crashes every time. Now some scenes causes crash even when i try to open them with C4D. So I do not recomend upgrade to R11, if you use Maxwell.

Is Next Limit working on some plug-in upgrade according to C4D R11??? And is somebody working on better and deeper Maxwell integration?

Hope NL will answer, because there is week response from NL to C4D users here. (in my opinion)

By JDHill
I am working on a new plugin with fully-integrated materials and a built-in MXED-style editor.


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By spekoun
Thanks a lot for your answre.

That is really good news. :)
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By zoppo
Great to hear that. Are you adressing the z-Buffer problem, too?
By JDHill
Looks to be working fine on my current code.
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By Maximus3D
I agree, good news to hear you're working on the C4D plugin JD :) but what happend to whoever worked on it before you ? because you haven't worked on it earlier have you..

Btw, the hdr usage implementation in the current plugin we have is kinda bulky and difficult to use with poor visual feedback in the viewport and it's also not easy to modify it (move, rotate, scale). Could you perhaps do something about it ?

/ Max
By JDHill
Hi Max, I've moved Image Based environments (since you posted - hence the delay in responding) into the settings object, so they will work pretty much the same as they do Studio. Not sure if I'll get the 'screen-mapped' option in the Background channel implemented right away, but the regular spherical environments will work in the viewport with control of scale/offset (and which channel is shown) being done without any extra sky tags and such.

Sorry in advance if I don't respond here too much during development - might sound funny, but it really breaks my concentration...
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By Maximus3D
No worries about delayed replies JD, i rather have a delayed reply than no reply at all. :) focus on what you need to do first of all, don't let me disturb you.

That sounds much better having the controls in the settings thingy, could you look into adding some rotation sliders in there for the hdr with possible viewport feedback of the hdr later on ? that would be sweet as sugar! :)

And don't be sorry, we understand. I'm just glad you're working on the C4D plugin now. That can only be positive for us users.

/ Max
By JDHill
Hi Max... to be clear, I meant - there will be MXI/HDRI pre-visualization in the Cinema viewport with interactive adjustment using the plugin's ui, similar to what you have in Studio when you hold down the middle mouse-button in one of the scale/offset fields and drag the mouse up and down.
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