By Josephus Holt
I'm a C4D novice but want to see how MW works as a render engine in it. I'm just starting to use the MW plugin for Archicad and it's working quite nicely....would be great to be able to use the same MW materials in both apps. I'm thinking that it would be easier to set up all my MXM textures in C4D and then just apply them to my Archicad model.

The MW for C4D manual was not too helpful...wonder if someone could upload/email me a very basic C4D scene...a plane and sphere would be fine, with a couple of MW materials assigned, basically ready to render, that I could see how it's set up and hopefully duplicate.

My email is

Update: figured out how to make it work...problem was with the working folder location. Is very easy to do :)

Many thanks in advance.
By Josephus Holt
Max, actually not, but in the meantime I was able to figure it out. I'm now disecting MXM materials...just like cutting up the frog in Biology :shock:

What I could really use right now is a very basic C4D scene with some lights in sky/sunlight, just a couple of lights with some cubes and a plane. So far not getting the lights to illuminate the polygon...and it's about time for me to turn the room lights off :roll:

Here's a screenshot if that helps. Just a cube made editable and one side deleted, then a c4d cone placed inside. I assigned one of the mxm materials to the polygon. I tried reversing normals so they face the light source but that made not difference.

[img][img] ...[/img][/img]
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