By Mr. Gog
Is Someone getting problems from the c4d plugin?

The model in C4d: 139.1 MB
The model Mxs: 1.14 GB

Mxcl: Quits, finishing voxelization. 99% sometimes. 88% other time.

Any suggestion would be appreciated!
By nachob
That looks like a memory problem. What is the size of your render? How much memory is taking mxcl before crashing?. There is a limit of 4 GB of memory per application in OSX (for 32 bit applications as mxcl is). If you are surpassing this limit your application will always crash. If that's the problem your only solution beside rendering smaller is trying the "64 bit technology preview" mxcl, please consult the Readme file before using it.

By Mr. Gog
Thanks, nachob. Let you known! ASAP
By Mr. Gog
I get some errors exporting, too. C4d Reported an error and the program quits, without writing the final mxs.
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By macray
maybe try to export it piece by piece. (copy some objects in your cinema in a new file, export it.... until you have all the pieces in separate files and then try to load them in studio.) let's see if this works.
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By Maximus3D
I'm borrowing your thread for my post Mr Gog, hope it's ok..

One issue i recently got when rendering with the C4D and 1.7 (latest Maxwell plugin) is that i have a subgroup of objects within a group of objects. Those objects within the subgroup are not rendered, Maxwell ignores them when rendering. Is this a problem anyone else had ?

The scene polycount is rather high, it's like 3,1 million polys.


/ Max

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