By leoA4D
1. Opened C4D test scene and selected Maxwell Material from Materials menu.
2. Selected Start Material Editor from Material Editor.
3. "Save: Cinema 4D" dialog box opens with the "Save As:" window showing *.mxm. Huh?
4. Click on Cancel
5. 2-3 sec. pause.
6. MXED opens as "untitled.mxm – Mxed.
7. Click on Browser and it opens with Arroway textures in both windows.
8. Double click "stones-sandstone-02.mxm".
9. This pops up: "C:/Program Files/Next Limit/Maxwell/materials database/textures/Arrow/stone+sandstone+02_d100.jpg not found" "Do you want to find a replacement?" Click Yes.
10. A browse dialog box opens and off to the Arroway textures file.
11. All textures are grayed out and cannot be selected including sandstone+02_d100.jpg.
12. Since all mats are gray cannot select "Choose" so click on "Cancel".
13. Back to MXED but this time it has "stones–sandstone02.mxm – Mxed in the top bar. (See 6 above)
14. Quit MXED.

Now, if I start "Browse with MXED" in the C4D Material Editor box, "untitled.mxm – Mxed opens but now I have a spinning beach ball over C4D but not over the open MXED window.

I select the same material from the MXED as above, double click on it and get the same dialog box as item 9 above.

I click "No" and MEXD crashes but C4D remains open with this dialog box: "Choose replacement texture for : C:/Program Files/Next Limit/Maxwell/materials database/textures/Arroway/ston+sandstone+02_d100.jpg".

I browsed Applications/Maxwell/Materials_database/arroway, textures are black this time. Selected sandstone+02_d100.jpg and then clicked on Open.

The directory disappears and C4D's Material Editor preview shows an image of "stones-sandstone+02". Somehow it worked!


MacBook Pro, 2.16GHz, 2GB, Mac OS 10.4.11
VectorWorks2008 SP3 (Build 88670) Fundamentals/Architect/Renderworks
Cinema 4D v10.111
Maxwell Render v1.7f, C4D/M~R plugin v1.7f

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