By dynaraton
I am getting this alot:

ERROR: - object Plane has triangles without material

ERROR: - Render Failed

Wierd thing is this happens when I remove some objects that are currently in my scene. For example....I just removed a sphere. The plane in my scene is not even touched but now is affected by deleting the sphere. Maxwell is telling me that now my plane has triangles without material. :?: all of a sudden.
When I paste my sphere back. Everything renders ok again.

I hope I am clear. Anyone getting this with their existing scenes?
I have about 30% of my scenes doing this.

I am using c4d v. 10.111
By Becco_UK
That's the same problem I reported yesterday. Seems to be sporadic - sometimes a scene works ok, other times it does not. Very annoying and time consuming when it happens though.

I haven't tried a substantial new scene yet though - the problem may be confined to older scenes?
By stu.dio
I get this (and still do) when trying to add a cinema material with luminace - uncheck the luminance and all is fine - I guess replace it with a mw emitter
By Becco_UK
This is a really annoying! Have been working on a scene most of the morning including doing test renders and then out of the blue the uv error problem kicks in - the only way I could get the scene rendering again was to remove (cut) the error causing objects, reinsert (paste) them one at a time and restart Cinema.

All scene objects are using Maxwell materials.

Please fix soon.

Other than that the plugin seems to be working quite good.
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By jurX
Becco_UK can you send me this file?
By Becco_UK
jurX: I've just sent you a pm. I have the problem scene working now so it does not seem worth sending a working file. Next time it happens (if at all) I will send you that scene.

It would be better if this problem did not have a sporadic nature. I have feeling that the error is occuring during the .mxs writing phase.
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By Carl007
I also experienced that problem suddenly out of nowhere, after deleting the object to see what happened, the triangle error message continued but with another object, after deleting that one aswell, it started to bug me about the c4d lights... so I just reboot the computer, and all works like a charm, very strange...
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By mashium123
It seems to happen quite frequently whenever you switch an object that has mxm attached in "not visible for renderer" status within cinema 4d.
Frequently as said, but not in every situation. So I have not nailed it yet.
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By juan
Hi all,

Finally (thanks to an user who has sent us an scene) we could reproduce this issue. It happens randomly and affects only C4D and FormZ plugins. We are working on that and will be fixed very soon. Meanwhile, there is a workaroung using the option "Remove unused materials" within Cinema, it should fix the issue temporary until we release the update. Thanks a lot for your patience.


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By macray
Thank you!

Had this problem sometimes after adding a cube without changing any material or assigning the cube a material...
deleting the cube helped to render. before it stopped with "triangle without materials..." mentioning different objects.
I am experiencing same phenomena. When I then open the scene translated to mxs in Studio, there are only some materials from original c4d scene.

It happens randomly. Some examples:
  • I deleted some objects from scene.
    I hide some object for rendering.
    I change order of objects in Object browser.
Windows XP 32bit SP3
Cinema4D 9.6
MR Plugin 1.7f
MR 1.7

The above described workaround “Delete unused materials” unfortunately does not work for me...
By Becco_UK
MS: Deleting unused materials doesn't work for me either. The only solutions I've found are similar to yours - to cut and repaste the objects in question and sometimes having to restart Cinema.

Apart from that niggly problem this plugin seems to working very good.
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By juan

We think this issue is fixed and we target to release an update before the end of the week.


Nice to read it, Juan! Thank you.
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