By Holger Schoemann
hi there,

are there any known problems with polygonselection and more than one
uv-map for one object???

have here a model that render fine in c4d/ar with uv-mapping....
when writing to maxwell some of these materials are missing....

any ideas?
By Holger Schoemann
ok, when I split the parts from the mesh it works....

there seam to be a bug when a object use more than one uv-map :evil:
By Holger Schoemann

still talking to myself............ :wink:

it is a bug (or limitation) !

the plugin can´t export correctly an object that use more than one uv-map.
so you have to split these parts from the object :?

all other renderengines I use can handle such objects, so why don´t mw :?: :?: :?:
By seco7
Hey Holger,

I cannot remember whether this is a shortcoming of the plugin or of the render engine, but I believe you are correct that it cannot handle multiple uv maps per mesh.

I know this subject has been talked about in the past, but I didn't see the thread I was looking for after a quick search.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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