1. As we don't seem to be getting anywhere (or at least getting any news) with the plugin bugs (which are so major that they prevent use of the plugin).

2. The moderator doesn't reply to PM's, at least with any useful info.

3. The moderator doesn't really help out on the forum unless (maybe) more than 3 people make a fuss or there is someone who uses the plugin for 3 hours per month for non production giving some arse kissing.

Any ideas or feedback regarding this?

PS No offence to the moderators for Cinema 4D - you may be busy... but we do need some answers/we pay for this software/this whole non responsive system isn't very professional or helpful.
By adri
Well for my attempts at Arch Viz it's certainly better than the last plugin...the main problem I'm having now is that in order to use my library of materials I have to put up with a slow down on the C4D interface.

I suppose a new quad core CPU might help which I'm planning in the new year.

As for the moderator the only complaint I personally have is that I don't like banning/censorship or threats thereof.

As for Maxwell...well my two gripes are the extraordinary amount of time it takes to get to a decent SL ( and that doesn't always guarantee success as was seen recently in the thread headed something like 65 hours and counting ) and the fact that it's no use for animation. If I had the money I'd be shelling out for VRayForC4D...

Anyway...WTF it's christmas. Maybe in the new year things will improve for the better. Maybe even me.

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By w i l l
Ok for stills maybe the plugin has a few minor bugs but its impossible to create an animation using mxm's (apparently)...

http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/view ... hp?t=26695

Isn't that a pretty major bug/error? Why would you (Nextlimit) release a plugin with this bug? Surely if you made this mistake you'd give some feedback on when a patch or update was available? I can understand to a degree keeping release dates in the dark but when there are bugs you need to let us know otherwise it appears as thouh you're just brushing the issue aside and nothing is being done.

It just seems crazy to me - purely unprofessional. Even if this was free software i'd expect a better level of communication. Its just common sense.

..... did Nextlimit not test animation with mxm's? How could this possibly slip through the net? Could i pay for Maxwell 2.0 on a basis of (cost price minus (hourly rate x time spent sifting through crashes trying to figure out the route cause of the crash to then post it on the forum)?
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By Mihai
There is already a patch which has been tested, it will be out after Christmas. Animation was working properly, but a lot of things were changed in the plugin and keep changing. You would not believe the amount of work that had to be done just to adapt it to the way Cinema works with instances for example.
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By w i l l
Ok no problem - thank you, thats all i wanted to know. Took several posts and PM's to get the answer though.

I don't doubt that a lot of work has been put into it.
By Becco_UK
This Maxwell/ Cinema forum requires a moderator that accepts problems, in need of a satisfactory resolution, exist instead of some recent bizzare behaviour.

It can be the existering moderator or a preferably a new one.

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