By jespi

Is there any way to check if what i´ve generated are instances or have been translated to normal object? I´ve the feeling that i´m making something wrong. These are the steps i´m following:

1_make an object and convert to Xref (cinema 10.5)

2_select the Xref and select duplicate function.

3_press render.

Also, does maxwell instances work with scale and rotate transformation within duplicate function?
Thanks in advance.
By jespi
mashium123 wrote:Open in studio and check if additional objects have been generated.
Thanks mashium, but ,what do you mean by additional object? . I have one Xref and with the duplicate command i´ve generated three instances. When i open the mxs in studio i can see the three object but no one has a special label that indicate that is a instance object( maybe is how it works), and if i open the instance´s pallet within studio is empty. Hope this make sense.
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By Mihai
Then they aren't instances. An instance will be listed in the Instances panel when you select it's original object.
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By mashium123
When you see three objects then you got three objects. :D
Compare the situation with what happens when creating instances out of c4d (objects->modelling->instances) and you'll see the difference.
By jespi
Thanks Mihai and mashium. Now i understand what you mean mashium, i´ve created three instance with the method: object->modelling->instance, and when i open it in studio only one object has been created. That means that the first method was working. Thanks
By adri
mmm...I'm wanting to instance a number of trees. I've read the new manual and this post but I'm unsure as to how you create instances using the C4D plug...

could someone clarify as to the correct procedure?


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By dyarza
The only way right now seems to the using the instance object in C4D. Bu tI believe that if you tree is a number of objects children of a null, they will export as geometry and not instances. The instanced object has to be at the root level of the object hierarchy, so to do a tree might get very messy. For example, connect all the polys that make up the trunk and branches, make instance objects of that, do the same with the leaves.

The other thing that I wish would work is instancing from the array object or better yet, MoGraph. Cloner objects export as geometry, how cool if it could make instances.

By jespi
Thanks dyarza! now i know what i have been making wrong.
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By dyarza
Was just playing with this a bit more.

Make an instance object, reference your tree (in my case I have simplified to bark and leaves so I have two instances per tree). Clone the instances, not the tree object itself, with MoGraph. Make the cloner object editable, which creates an instance object for each of the clones. Move those instance objects out of the null and to the top of the hierarchy and there you go. The Instance Forest.

I can't wait to get home tonight, I will get something rendering to post!

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By spekoun
Hi this limitation of instacing is very stupid. When you want to instance something there is a huge list of object.

So Maxwell kills C4D superb workflow again, but in other way.

I like new maxwell and new maxwell material in C4D. But why is there this instancing limitation? Hope there was some good reason. I do not need instances somewhere deep in object tree, but one level would be good. I hope, there will be some update soon....
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By Kabe
This is not stupid. This is not a limitation introduced by intention or design.

Instancing is a just brand new feature in M~R and there are a LOT of implications
when it comes to Cinema. This is not just about handling of instances, it's
also about Particles (Classic and TP) and eventually XRefs. Implementing
that is not an easy task, when the feature itself is still developing.

All of these 4 are really deep issues, and you need some time to get the
stuff really smoothly working. with all the connections they have in Cinema.

I'm confident that there will be progress in future releases. However, you
should understand that it will take a bit of time, and that the people doing it
are not stupid.

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By dyarza
This happens every time that a new update is done. "It's killing my workflow..." :cry:

Well, new tools call for adaptation. Yes, I agree that having to place all the instances at the top level of the hierarchy is cumbersome, but it hardly prevents you from working. Try assigning layers to your objects so you can filter them.

Limitation or not, I am just happy enough to have instancing that I can overlook the problems and figure out a work around.

One thing does seem strange. When I create instances with the plug-in they render in the right place, but if I open the mxs in Studio, the instances are scattered all over the place, and render wrong. Same mxs, I can't figure out where the problem is. This would be useful to merge several instanced objects, because I am reaching the limit of what my computer can do in C4D when I create lots of instances. I have to turn them off in the display or I don't have enough system resources. But if I am able to get it into Studio (which I would rather avoid, but oh well), I can do almost unlimited objects. :D

I am working on some trees, but I have been too embarrassed to post, I am focusing on the instancing, and not enough what they look like...!

Instancing is in fact... not stupid at all.


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By spekoun
I am not good enough in English. I may use wrong word. I am sorry. I really do no think, people doing plug-in are stupid!
I like Maxwell and i use C4D plugin as my only one render system. I am only unsatisfied, when C4D users have everytime "unfinished" plugin. But i can uderstand, it is not easy to develop any software.

I believe developers work hardly to bring us some perfectly integrated plugin in the future...
By adri
well I've just had a look at instancing in Cinemaxwell and I have to say that it's more or less useless...great for cubes and spheres but if you have any object that you really want to use (like the onyxtree model I'm trying to instance) it's useless.

I hope that this limitation is being worked on for the next release...


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