C I N E M A X W E L L - The New Features List

Plug-in Manual: Updated 11/22/2007 Version 1.6

Plug-in: Updated 1/03/2008 Version 1.6f4 MAC/WIN

Update Link: http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/view ... hp?t=26179 www.maxwellrender.com

Plugin Update Link: http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/view ... highlight=

Features Update:

Maxwell Render Settings Object:

-Maxwell Render Settings object matches the Maxwell Render options dialog
-Added a STOP button in the mr settings object to stop saving animations.
-Added Vignetting control in Simulens tab.
-Output channels in render settings dialog and render settings object match those in mxcl and studio.
-Added a checkbox in skydome to use the current physical sky sun.


-Animation can be enabled or disabled independently of which filename
padding is chosen.

-Updated 01/03/08! -Fixed bug in animation: materials were lost after the first frame.

Maxwell Materials/ Cinema 4D Materials:

-MXM material added to the list of Cinema materials.
-Maxwell Classic tags (diffuse, plastic, metal, dielectric, emitter) and MXM tag, if present in a scene, are rendered, but have been removed from the tag menu, and removed Maxwell Emitter Tag entry from the menu.
-Added Texture Preview Size combo box in Maxwell Material Properties editor. This size affects the resolution of the texture shown in the viewport.
-Direct support of Cinema 4D material channel displacement. Following types of options supported height(C4D) maps to height in Maxwell Render Studio, Strength(C4D) multiplies Height, and if negative, inverts the texture. Supported values of Type(C4D): Intensity and Intensity(Centered).
-Direct suport of Cinema 4D Alpha channel for use of clip maps rendered to Maxwell Render. Plug-in reads "Invert" checkbox to invert the texture as well.
-Direct support of Cinema 4D Bump map intensity value transferred to mxs.
-Updated 12/05/07!- Fixed material manager refreshing after importing maxwell materials.


-The mr settings object has the same distribution of groups as the mr
options dialog.

Cinema 4D Elements:
-Cinema4D lights can have a MXM emitter material applied on the emitter (HDRI or MXI are not supported).
-Cinema4D lights can now be grouped under a null or any object.
-Cinema 4D Instances are now supported as Maxwell Render Instances - See new plug-in manual for how to use them.
-Direct Rendering of HDRI from Cinema 4D using Cinema 4D Sky object with normal material and luminance channel activated. See new plug-in manual for values to be used for Cinema 4D channel intensity values.
-Updated 12/05/07!- Fixed instances bug with setPivot.
-Updated 12/05/07!- Fixed motion blur. Vertices were in the wrong place in the second step.

New Plug-in for Maxwell Render for Cinema 4D: "Import Maxwell Materials". In the Plugins->Maxwell menu, press the button,
choose the folder and it will recursively parse all the files and folders under it and create the corresponding Cinema-Maxwell
materials in the material manager. This plugin will convert Maxwell Render materials to Cinema 4D Maxwell Render materials.


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Plugin Update:

Changes in Cinemaxwell 1.6f4
-Fixed bug in animation: materials were lost after the first frame.

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