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By macray
Hi folks,

I installed windows completely anew and now Maxwell won't start from Cinema anymore.

I have the last Maxwell and Cinemaxwell and also Cinema 4D versions downloaded and installed, put the patches in the maxwell main folder overwriting the older files.

And whenever I want to render something with maxwell and click on Render there is a short period when he's calculating something, then shows a dialog that the maxwell.cdl has caused an error and the program will be terminated and an error log created. But maxwell doesn't work.

Why is this? Do I have to put the environment variable still? If so can someone please point out, where and what to do? Could it be something else that's causing the error?

I'm thankful for all tipps. Please help me to get Maxwell running again!

(BTW: I installed it to a user defined folder so if that's the cause - what to do?)

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