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By Mihai
We have just updated the Cinema 4D plug-in. This is an update for Win 32 and 64 bit, Mac PPC and Mac UB versions.

Release notes:

- Fixed repeated material bug with diffuses, plastics, metals, dielectrics and emitters.
- Fixed mapping of Alpha channel of C4DMaterial to Maxwell material.
- Fixed Focal Length correction when scaling down the scene.
- Fixed sky textures X offset.
- No need to type twice lat-long-gmt value after switch to Custom city.
- Now, to render an animation just set the Padding Format to name#.ext. If the user presses Write MXS, the plugin will write the specified number of MXS files and will stop, but if the user presses RenderSV or RenderAV, the plugin will write all the files and start mxcl in render animation mode.

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