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By AndreD
at least, the latest plugin-version works almost stable for me :-)
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By Rochr
Becco_UK wrote:Rochr: It isn't necessary to place material tags on every Cinema object these days when using Maxwell 1.5. Most (but not all) materials get converted ok by the Maxwell plugin.
Becco, i´m well aware of that, but with some thousands of objects in every scene it still gets very time consuming. I´m mainly referring to the tag you have to drag into the MXM tab.
Having each part with the same texture gathered in the same group solve this, but than you have to break up models and instead you get the problem in finding all the pieces from several different groups every time a model needs to be moved.

It´s probably not a secret i never liked Maxwells material editor. I find it tideous and slow to use and work with, and use it only when i absolutely must, but even so, there will be a lot of MXM materials in a scene.
You don´t get any kind of preview in the viewport on what the materials look like applied on objects, so you need to do test renders everytime you add a material, which is even more time consuming, especially in an already heavy scene.

But all this is not even half as annoying as the rest. Voxelisation freezing before completion half of the times, uneditable objects causing error messages(even though they should work), crashes etc etc.
The above method with untextured scenes and paintovers is actually the only way Maxwell is of any use to me, and also the quickest way to complete a scene. Sadly.

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