By stu.dio
has anyone ugraded to this yet? with any Max issues? (I mean new ones)
By stu.dio
Sorry - Cinema4D 10.111 I mean
By rendertaxi
c4d 10.111 crashes when exporting a scene with mw 1.5 plugin. 10.102 didn´t. no further testing done.. i downgraded again.

cheers, alex
By lllab
for me it works fine in 10.111....
By jasminmarvin
I have updated to 10.111 and suddenly pressing Render SV/AV or Write MXS results in nothing being launched and 'saving frames - 1 frame saved' appears in the status bar. Can anyone help? please?
Thanks in advance,

By michaelmarcondes
That means it saved the mxs file.
You should look into the Render Options of maxwell inside C4d to check where the files are going.
If something goes wrong, it will say, no frames saved or something like that.

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By jurX
...yes everything ok....

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