By leoA4D

I have had two occurences of my corrupting something while using C4D and the plug with a wrong keystroke (I am pretty certain of this) . That crashed C4D and I could not restart it or the plug would crash C4D when trying to render.

Two actions that seemed to work for me was to go into the Apps/Maxon/prefs folder and remove the "CINEMA 4D.prf" (to your desktop before trashing). I also trashed the MWR plug (empty the trash), restart C4D (a confirmation step) , shut it down and reinstall the plug (expand it in the plug-in folder).


By yves
hm, I still have this problem... even after trying to trash the prefs.
I'll just have to work with the powerpc version of c4d until this is resolved.
once again, this only happen if the maxwell plugin folder is in the c4d
plugin directory...

By leoA4D
MWR has not crashed since before my 02 July post, above. I have no new suggestions for you and your using the ppc version is a good idea.

Good luck with it.

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