By xmood

every time i got some blur in my object .. " with the defult camera"
how can i swich it off ?
M~R 1.5 C4D 10

By Becco_UK
Have you set up a Cinema camera with a Maxwell Camera tag and set an appropriate fstop value etc?
By xmood
maxwell camera tag .. with the defult settings ,, no changes
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By jomaga
You have the target of your camera far from your object.
All you have to do is point your camera target in the objects you want to be in focus.
If you want more DOF (depth of field) effect, you have to lower the fStop value of your camera (something like 2-3). If you want less DOF, increase the fStop value to something near 16
Take a look at this link to understand better fStop and DOF ... -field.htm
By xmood
thanx ..

it was low fstop

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