I can't seem to get the Maxwell exporter to correctly export the 'Shift Camera' camera type from Layout.

Any suggestions, or is this type of camera not supported by Maxwell?


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By Mihnea Balta
It's not supported yet because I didn't know they added it (it came with 9.3, right?). I'll investigate if the parameters can be obtained from it (since it's a plug-in camera) and if it's possible I'll add support for it in the next build.

In the mean time you can use the film offset parameters from the Maxwell camera attributes panel, but there's no viewport preview in this case.
By lopatam
this is my workflow to export exact value :

Use Perpespective Camera Control 0.1.5.It's a free Plug-in.
Use Horizontal shift and Vertical shift . Sign or remember the value.You can see your adjustment in the camera viewport,also the camera cone angle change .
With the camera selected open Maxwell Properties.In Vertical Film offset put the same value but with opposite "mark" , for example if you use positive value put the negative value .
For Horizontal use the same value.
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By Tim Ellis
Thankyou for the replies.

Yes is 9.3 x64 & x32 Lightwave, with the 1.6.6 plugin for Maxwell.

I worked around by matching the height of the target and the camera and then used Maxwell's shift lens function to correct.

Had to match the shift by eye though.

I'll try with that plug in lopatam, thankyou for the tips.


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