By lopatam
If I use "use instancing" my emitters (not every emitters ) will render as if they 're in the origin .
It happens sometimes, I can't reproduce the bug ...
Anybody has the same problem?

win xp 64 ,plug-in 1.6.6 lw 9.3.1 32bit


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By Mihnea Balta
Instanced (cloned) emitters are not supported in Maxwell yet. We'll change the plug-in so that it doesn't export objects as instances if they use an emitter material (until the renderer supports instanced emitters), but at the moment you'll either have to avoid cloning emitters or disable instancing in scenes where you have to clone them.
By lopatam
I didn't clone my emitters ,I clone other objects (no emitters) ,but with use instances on ,my emitters ,few of them not every emitters,go to the origin .
I've make a keyframe at 0 ,at 1 ,for every objects in the scene.

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