Beautiful job with this new release!

This is supposed to be a techincal forum, so here's a few things more "on topic"...

Motion blur is up and running of course, and it looks great! Wonderful!

That bug that was buzzing me with the animation not advancing in LW 8.x Win, that bug is now squashed in my anim rendering. It advances right along as it's supposed to. Thank you!

One thing that I did not mention before that was bothering me with 1.5 off-and-on was some objects having a hard time auto-triangulating when sent to M~R (having a harder time even than in 1.1 it seemed). 1.5 would just give up and error out and I'd have to go back into modeler and poke around to find some complicatedly booleaned n-gon and try to knife it apart by hand until Maxwell would accept it. Well, I just sent into into 1.6 a pre-manual-triangulated version of one of those problem objects, and 1.6 likes it just fine! Woohoo! :D

Also, the so called "pinky sky" is looking better now too I notice. I saw Nicole mention that yet more work is going to be done on it, but this is a definite improvement until then.

And all the other bug fixes in your LW "plug-in improvements" doc, cool! :)

While I haven't done really in-depth digging into 1.6 yet of course, I just want to offer again that I'm finding your efforts to marry LightWave and Maxwell reaching a nice pinnacle, your path of evolution for the plug-in was a nice one from the look of the result we have now; it's concise yet powerful, a strong bridge to M~R. Stand up job! Thaaanks! :D

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By Hervé
thanks Will... :oops: , we try to nail the bugs as much as we can.. but Mihnea is the real bug eater.. and he's hungry.. :D :wink:

BTW.. I don't know if you are on PC or Mac, but in any case let's not forget Markus and Henri, two really hardcore bug nailers.. :D
By beatriz
hey thanks!
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By faraz
1.6 = 1.5 * 4 = 1.2 * 9 = 1.1 * 15 = beta * 0.8 = alpha * 4

=> MR 1.6 LW plugin rocks

weird math :D
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By Hervé
Merry Xmas in Martian code...? hehe :wink:
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