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By bbuxton
words fail me..... Just as well really.

On 8th June we were promised the mac plugin in 10 to 15 days. 24th August.
Surely it's not so broken that a current release can't be made available?
By beatriz

it's almost ready. We're very close to release it.
Thanks for your patience.
"very close"

By beatriz
it was released on September the 3rd.
Plugin for LightWave 9.3 UB for Macintosh
Yes Beatriz, but it don't work on OSX with LW 9.3...

By tokiop
is a plugin for older versions of LW will be aviable like before?
By vinney57
STILL nothing for LW 8

If they have abandoned LW8 why not just tell us?
We need a petition to have our money back.

Hey NL, we're clients just like the others!!!!

:twisted: TOXE
By beatriz

due to technical issues we cannot support Lightwave versions other than 9.3 UB. Non-UB versions are very complex to code for the current plugin, and our resources are limited.
Therefore, we chose to focus on a high-quality version of the plug-in.

So, if you need prior versions supported (8.0, 9.3 OSX) I suggest you to send us an email to:
and we'll evaluate the proposal taking in to account the number of people asking.

I know it's not the answer you were waiting for but the truth is that Lightwave will use UB for Mac for the future and we need to look forward to prepare for the future and allocate our resources accordingly.

Still, it's possible to have both Lightwave versions installed at the same time (9.3 OSX and UB).
Hi Beatriz,

you're right it's not the answer i'm waiting for. The situation is enough ridiculous and there are no additional excuses. Be serious. I've bought ML as a professional software, it's absurd that you've used my money for a product that i can't use. "technical issues" and "resources are limited" it does mean nothing. You know this.

the silence

By beatriz

no, it doesn't affect PC LW version.
We support 8.X and 9.X. for Win.
The next limit for Next Limit is to be honest.
Beatriz, please give us your last word on the plugin question for Mac OSX. After i can evaluate precisely what can i do (refund, legal action, etc). With the money that i've invested for maxwell i can buy modo 301, that came from a serious software house, that don't give promises in the air.

So, please give us a definitive answer. I earn my money with my work, not with my lies.


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