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By facame
Does someone have tested out the beta version 0.8.4 of TP Network on OSX ?

I have not been able to had a job (single, cooperative, batch mode). Sometimes, it's stucked in 'reading MXS', some other times I am able to click on the 'Publish' button but no job is added. The old version was working on that side but many bugs afterwards. This new version is promising but some functionnality has been lost.

I have OSX Yosemite on the iMAC an nodes.

The TP Network now comes exclusively with a single exec file with the choice of starting as the manager or as a node.

I have double check my share folder on either the manager and the node.

I know that this version is still in beta but as progressed.

Does someone got it worked on Windows?

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By ababak
Unfortunately as you may see in other messages in this forum, nobody was able to pass the "Reading MXS" stage on OS X. And there was no feedback from NextLimit yet. So I assume it's a Windows-only technical preview.
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