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By limbus
I wanted to give the new network render manager a shot today. But I didn't get much further than starting manager and one node. When I try to add a job, I can't select a MXS file for rendering. See the screenshot. The file selector you see in the documentation is not there.

Chrome 41.0.2272.89 m
Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.17691

No AddBlock or other extensions are running.

Maxwell Render Network Manager and Monitor 0.7.13

By cyrillweiss

Had the same problem - thats how I solved it:
Open the path you set in the preferences of Network Manager and create a folder there (I create for each of my mxs file a separate folder). Put your mxs file in that folder, open the webpage with the manager and add your job. You should be able to choose the folder you created and the mxs file now.

btw. haven't found out how to add a job directly with the Plugin of the 3D Software (in my case Maya), so I had to export the mxs file with all the dependencies into that folder.
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By F. Tella

Yes, we are aware of this and it should be fixed. The problem is that a browser cannot move files (for security reasons) but would see what is already stored in the share folder.

At moment, the more solid way of doing this is exporting the scene as a pack and go and put it in the share folder with all the dependencies. As Cyril said you should then be able to see the files in the add job dialogue. We are working in a way of doing all this in a more comfortable and transparent way.


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By F. Tella
Hi Florian,

The new release has a lot of bug fixes and improvements but I'm afraid that hasn't changed. To make it more comfortable you can select as share folder the main folder where you host all your work files, or even a drive letter. As it takes into account all the subfolders inside it, it will work. You can choose later where to save the output files.



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