Everything related to Maxwell network rendering systems.
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By pablo
There is a new TP network beta release on the beta pages (0.7.12)

Changes from 0.7.10:
  • - Changed the preview gathering mechanism to prevent many reported failures
    where nodes appeared to disconect and connect randomly when the preview was
    sent. Also, not the previews can be viewed even after reloading the
    browser, and a small thumbnail is shown in the job window to identify the
    render in the job table

    - Added batch mode, to select whole folders and files and render them with
    common parameters. The folders are included recursively always, future versions
    will include an option to not include the folders recursively (anyhow mxs's can be
    cherry-picked by hand in a folder you dont want to include recursively)

    - Fixed context menu on animations table

    - Many small changes on the web dashboard

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Wow! :D Nice render

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