It will be steady flow of work, every 2 weeks 1 job. Or every 10 days.

skype contact : lidia_great
Please don't contact me by Personal Message. i cant read it.
Please send me your PORTFOLIO and PRICE. It could be done in 10 days in your spare time. No rush.

If you are great in lighting and materials IN ARCHITECTURAL INTERIORS!!!!

I am looking for someone with great artistic lighting skill, I would say I love photography quality in ARCHITECTURAL RENDERS ...with SMALL touch of MAGIC.... BUT SMALL

I have to show to clients some art, how it will looks in theirs interiors. I go onsite, make bunch of photos, prepare 3d model-very accurate and then I would like to apply my art in and create photo quality renders or animations to show potential clients how art will looks.

I will do 3ds model myself. Very accurate and perfect.

You role, would be to prepare lighting in Maxwell file (you will get 3d model FROM ME and photos) and set up materials, simple materials which render fast but looks good. ONE IMPORTANT THING: WITHOUT ANY POST-PRODUCTION IT HAS TO LOOKS GREAT AND FINISHED. READY TO GO AND RENDER WITHOUT NEED FOR ADDITIONAL POST-PRODUCTION.

You would return me files with materials and lighting and images-bmp applied. I will add my art and I will render it all myself.

I don't have enough experience in this program TO SET UP GREAT LIGHTING, but I love quality...

What do you think ? I am preparing very efficient 3d models, with so small amount of faces as it is possible, I did that professionally for 10 years in architecture and interiors.I know my stuff. Models will be from modo, archicad, lightwave. I will finish it perfectly. They will be as ready to go scene.

We can discuss price every time , depending on interior.

similar modern interiors to this one :

http://designhome.pics/modern-interior- ... r-designs/
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