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By ivox3
Need: Joe or Josephine User.

1. An experienced architectural visualiser via Maxwell.
1a. You can model.
1b. You can create quality site specific materials.

2. Lives in or near (an hour or less) the 90210 area.
2a. Have solid transportation.

3. Examples of prior work.
4. Motivated.


I have a project in Beverly Hills, it's an upscale lounge. It is under construction and the client would love to have some pre-construction promotional materials. There will be 3 renders needed, not full shots of any area, but small vignette shots that'll be comped into a 'sneak peak' type advertisement - web/print. That said, we will not have to actually model the entire lounge, but just what is going to be in the frame.

I'm soliciting this help because I'm desperately trying not to have to fly-out the CA myself, but to find a liason who can visit the sight, grab the necessary materials, photograph/scan etc.. and then help in constructing the scenes (modeling/materials etc..)

If this might be you ... PM me, I'll let you know what kind of money is involved, time frame, contacts, location, etc..

Please let there be someone out there ........ :lol:


ps. This is a good gig. ;)
Nope ... It's fine. Canceling the project... It happens...

What helped pushed me over the edge was this chandelier I was just shown --- brutal. I'm not doing it ... lol.. Maybe some other guy is feeling like a hero, my guest, ain't me. :lol:

Thats funny. We did the exact same chandelier for a Dubai project a few months back. It should not be that hard actually unless you have to do a closeup rendering of course. Can't show you the renderings we did but it had to be done fast and it involved camera projections opacity mapping and ...photoshop. It was also done in Vray. It's looking like a fine challenge to me. ;)

Samples of my personal works and professional projects i worked on in the last years in one of the following position: Lighting TD / Photography Concept Art / Matte Painting All around VFX Artist since 1995

Demo reel (5 years old)

Felt in love for Maxwell recently while working on the sequel filmthe Odyssee for Cartier and a couple of other projets at Digital District Paris and i will like to be able to be able to use it more in the future.

Feel free to drop me a line of you feel like


Vincent Thomas
Author / Creative Art Director & VFX supervisor / MattePainter & Concept Designer
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