By superbad
I need occasional freelance help setting up renders in Maxwell Studio. I generate furniture models in Solidworks (sending you the MXS), you texture them (using scanned textures I provide), stick it in a room scene (based on a photo or existing scene I provide), model & texture some props and stuff to fill in the scene, setup the lighting and make it ready to render. (You don't need to do the actual rendering, although you will need to make some small test renders to get the lighting right.) Good way to convert spare time into cash.

If interested, send me a PM with a couple sample images of similar work, a couple sentences about yourself, and your hourly rate. Don't send a big CV or dissertation, I won't read them. And if you reply to this post, I probably won't see it, so send a PM. And don't forget to include your email address.
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By max3d
It´s funny but I´m looking for someone with almost the same job requirements although I don´t develop furniture models but will select stock stuff where possible and use 3ds max or sketch up as a simple editor to convey the wanted scene. Most of it interiors where I provide simple models of the rooms and the selected furniture or use example renderings and some some partially built scenes.

Lighting and color are important so will either be communicated by basic scenes or partially described. A photorealistic job but the modelling is not critical as it just has to get across the atmosphere and the possibilities of the lay out.

Like the person above textures will be provided from actual photoshoots etc.

The main difference with my neighbour above that I:
-do read length emails as well
-need someone who can manage in English and Spanish. No problem if it´s not on a very advanced level.
By vinyvince
Samples of my personal works and professional projects i worked on in the last years in one of the following position: Lighting TD / Photography Concept Art / Matte Painting All around VFX Artist since 1995

Demo reel (5 years old)

Felt in love for Maxwell recently while working on the sequel filmthe Odyssee for Cartier and a couple of other projets at Digital District Paris and i will like to be able to be able to use it more in the future.

Feel free to drop me a line of you feel like


Vincent Thomas
Author / Creative Art Director & VFX supervisor / MattePainter & Concept Designer
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