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Farm Creative Parlour, LLC is seeking qualified individuals for full time employment to join our Visual Media Studio based in Chicago, IL. Farm|cp was established in early 2000 to support a demand for virtual product mockups in the contract furniture industry. Our service has provided an added value to manufacturers since renderings deliver much faster turnarounds and lower costs when compared to traditional photography. Since this time, we have extended our offering to many different product categories.

Most recently we have structured the studio into three distinct but focused groups. The Visual Media, Product Design, and Software Studios work together and independently to broaden the scope of our capabilities.

Today we believe that we provide a level of quality and service that it truly industry leading.

Job Description:

Title: Production Artist

Responsibilities: 3D modeling, texture development, texture application, keyframing, rigging, lighting, image processing, post production and travel.

Personal Attributes: high motivation, ability to manage multiple projects, work within a team environment, strong communication skills, and of course the capacity to mix in a little fun.

Qualifications: must demonstrate excellence in 3D Studio Max, rendering engines such as Maxwell (preferred), V-Ray, Maya, etc, 3D modeling programs, and Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects.

Requirements: Bachelor degree and/or minimum of 5 years of professional rendering/animation experience. Understanding of photography, interior design, and industrial design are a plus.

Compensation and Benefits:

Salary: competitive based on experience.

Benefits: health and dental insurance, 401K, paid vacation, personal days, and flex time.


Please send resume, portfolio, and demo DVD (if applicable) to:

Attn: Dan Bockheim
322 South Green
Suite 208
Chicago, IL 60607

or via e-mail:

For more information visit us at
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