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Where are the backlit flies? :)

You've added so much detail to this, the level of obsession can only be truly appreciated by other 3D geeks. I love it! You worked hard to make it as realistic as possible and pretty much succeeded in creating a photo. But that being said one small critique would be, if this was a photo you'd taken would you have processed it differently? What if the sun was lower and going through the trees, lighting everything more from the side? I just think now that the 3D realism is out of the way, you have full freedom to explore other looks. For example I feel it's missing some contrast and sharper grass in the foreground. Make it pop more, increase the 3D feeling of the scene by more selective contrast...or vary the saturation of the green, which is a too even tone of green for all the vegetation in this scene IMO. But it seems you're going for a desaturated look? In that case not sure if it's suited for this scene....just my opinion :)
Thank you Mihai! There are a few flies visible :) I appreciate your comments. We all I think have always question like"What if... ?" . :) In a particular point of work we always need to make a final choice for the way to the final image. In this case I imagined a smoky, foggy dry in colors forest mood. This is the reason of the whole image look. The second reason for making a unsaturated image was a fact that the wooden building are black. I can't saturate black color :) I decided then to make all details unsaturated to keep the entire palette related to main theme. Of course your questions about another light are consistent with my plans about other light experimants and after I took a short breake, I'm close to make a decision to try making a different version of main image :)

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Wow! :D Nice render

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