Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
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By Mihai
Yes and they're good for a lot of cases, and pretty flexible how you can set them up in the material system. Linking this in case you haven't seen Toms blog post about a different way to add coatings to a material: ... materials/
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By Nasok
Thanks man :)

Well .. see I usually don't work in studio itself .. I mainly use Maya as my primary tool. When I was doing that image - there were no Maya plugin available so I've exported it to studio and rendered from there.

Can't say about previous versions - was not using it enough to say something for sure - but it definitely feels more stable. Especially FIRE preview is not crashing anymore. Altho I've noticed a habit after myself that before do FIRE I always save :D :D :D - muscle memory :)

I love new Substance Painter Material Assistant - that is just - I can't even spelled it out enough- it's amazing. That lightsaber scene on the first post (V5) has only 2 Maxwell materials and none of them even have a displacement. Both materials were created in literally less than 20 seconds. 😱
Beside that .. colour randomiser (and uv randomiser) are big things - might look very niche - but it is a great thing to add that little bit of natural touch to the scenes - so that everything is just a tiny bit less than perfect.

So again - hard to say whether it is worth it for you to upgrade (for me, I'm on Mac so I'm not even benefiting from all the GPU craze) - overall feels fairly stable and .. I don't know maybe it is me (who want's to believe in brighter future) - but it does feels that everything renders slightly faster. I don't know - not sure - it's just feels that way. But that's a great feeling for sure :)

And, you know .. again - 500 euros .. - I'm sorry, but I don't think that is a lot if you're using it for production. I mean - 1-2 small projects - and that's it - you returned your money. And you got a very nice capable piece of software. If you're a freelancer - yup - that might be a bit of a big sum for a one time payment (would you prefer subscription rather ? 🤪) - but for studio - 500 euros - is not a question.

So I dunno man - if you're considering just for yourself - without intention of making money with it - for some very light freelance or hobby - might be a bit heavy - considering you already have a V4
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!