Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
By jfrancis
Bubbaloo wrote:Great result!

Thank you.

It seems to confuse some people so I tried a more straightforward 'figure over background' version and got rid of the neon and cast shadow. Just to compare.
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By Mihai
Sorry but I think the models expression takes away from this. If she is going for the "I'm wasted" look, that's a success :) I'm really not getting any correlation with "The Scream" and her expression. Dress is very nice though - and I say that in a purely heterosexual way :P
By jfrancis
Mihai wrote:I'm really not getting any correlation with "The Scream"
That was a little too "on the nose" for me, but, yes, the feedback I've gotten on this has been unanimously negative.
By jfrancis

I was impressed with the fidelity of Autodesk ReCap 360's photo-to-3D photogrammetry service so I used the terrain produced to help me change Bronson Cave (the 1960s TV Batcave) into a creepy carnival dark ride.


3D < - - - > Photo
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By eric nixon
Convincing result :D . I like how your images share a distinct look while the subjects/spaces are completely different.

Was wondering if all the dust was uv-mapped per object?
By jfrancis
Thank you.

At the moment I mainly let ZBrush determine the UV layout, either by the UVMaster plugin or by automatic tiles. I mainly want non-overlapping UVs to exist and use the layout square reasonably efficiently. I don't worry that much about having 2D paintable textures. Then I further sculpt the surface while it is well-subdivided and use ZBrush to derive various masks from the surface curvature and cavities which I use one way or another in Maxwell materials. So I'm in control to a certain degree, but not completely. I'm interested in understanding more about what products from companies like Allegorithmic have to offer but first I think I need a better graphics card, at least for Substance Painter.

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Texture/finish lost in render.

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Wow! :D Nice render

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