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By Tea_Bag

I've had a couple of of people ask me about my printer render and what lighting setup I used so thought I'd post some information:


4 Emitters and Hyltom's White floor material (Thanks for sharing) - I use similar setups for most renders but changing from real emitters to mxi emitters - I rarley use LDR's or HDRI :)

Here is the setup for my Ipod : ... 9&start=15
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By caryjames
Hey Tea_Bag thanks for sharing your setups your renders and models are really nice!!
By JCAddy
#288097 know I love your work but the fireplaces aren't doing it for me. Something is lacking and they look super flat / dull right now. It seems that you could have done this in photoshop or Illustrator to get the same effect, but perhaps even cleaner.
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By segnoprogetto
You have been very kind to visit our site thanks!
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By RobMitchell
I really like the floor on the pin pad render, and the general lighting and studio setups you've used on the printer, speakers and CD. Very nice and clean renders. :D
Texture/finish lost in render.


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